Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions for Winter 2015

Rutgers Cinema Studies Courses: Winter 2014-2015


Cinema Studies

01:175:266:01         Cult Films in American Culture (Nigrin)

                                 12/23, 12/26-12/29 On-Line; 1/5-1/16 9-12:35AM



Rutgers Cinema Studies Courses: Spring 2015


Cinema Studies

01:175:267:01         American Film Directors (Nigrin)                                TTh 5:35-6:55PM; Th 7-8PM

01:177:377:01        Topics In World Cinema: Global Women’s Filmmkaing

                                (Martin-Marquez)                                                        M12:00-3PM; W 1:40-3PM

01:175:425:01          Senior Seminar in Cinema Studies (Williams)              F 1:10-5:50PM

Note: This course is open to Cinema Studies Minor Seniors only. Special Permission Required—Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



01:351:308:02          Experimental Filmmaking (Nigrin)                                 F 9:50-12:50PM; Screenings TBA

Listed under “Creative Writing: Form and Technique in Playwriting”
Note: Special Permission Required— Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


English-Film Studies

01:354:201:01          Introduction to Film I (Belton)                                       MW 2:50-4:10PM; M 6:10-9PM

(Note: Introduction to Film I satisfies Core Requirement “p”)

01:354:202:01          Introduction to Film II (Martin-Marquez)                       MW 5:00-6:20PM; M 6:40-9:30PM

01:354:250:01          The Films of Alfred Hitchcock (Belton)                       MW 4:30-5:50PM; W 6:10-9PM

01:354:320:01          World Cinema (Koszarski)                                          MW 1:10-2:30PM; M 6:10-9PM

01:354:356:01         The Films of Jean Renoir and Fritz Lang (Flitterman-Lewis)     

                                                                                                                     TTh 1:10-2:30PM; T 6:10-9PM

01:354:360:01          Film Noir (Koszarski)                                                   MW 4:30-5:50PM; W 6:10-9PM

01:354:392:01         Special Topics: History & Memory in Cinema: France in WWII (Flitterman-Lewis)                                             TTh 4:30-5:50PM; Th 6:10-9PM

01:354:420               Seminar in Film Theory: Global Horror (Sen)               TTh 3:20-4:40PM; T 6:40-9:30PM

Note: This course can also fulfill the Cinema Studies Senior Seminar Minor Requirement


01:420:306:01          French Film in English (Williams)                                 T 1:10-4:10PM; Th 1:10-2:30PM


Professor Nigrin's Experimental Filmmaking class

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