Luis VerasGraduation Year: 2020

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Cinema Studies

I graduated from Rutgers in May 2020 with a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Cinema Studies.

I’m very grateful for my education in Cinema Studies. I also got to be exposed to films and readings that I otherwise wouldn’t have. As a Comp Sci major most of my coursework was in STEM-type classes but I found my Cinema Studies classes to be the most rewarding. Studying film helped me develop critical thinking and media literacy that I use every day.

Currently, I’m working as a systems administrator at FuseFX, a visual effects studio located in NYC. My background with film and experience working in the New Jersey Film Festival directly contributed to my getting my current position. It’s been great being able to work in a role where I’ve been able to combine my interests in technology and film.


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