New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2015
Sunday, October 11, 2015, 07:00pm
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Best of the 2015 New Jersey International Film Festival – Part 1
David Ellis (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
With its textured, edgy tempo, UHF takes us to a convergence point where analog and digital dark matter meet. Future shock? Decay? Neglected beauty? Trashed culture? Post-industrial wasteland? Where are we headed with everything wired? Originally shot on B&W Super-8 Plus-X, with a vintage ELMO movie camera, the film was then transferred to digital format where selected frames were re-ordered and re-edited. Analog gets a complete makeover. 2015; 5 min. Honorable Mention Winner!
Enfilade - David Coyle (Westbourne Park, Australia)
A man awakens in a white room with two doors. Each door loops into the other. The only objects within the room are a red ball and a revolver containing a single bullet. How does one escape a loop? 2014; 10 min. Honorable Mention Winner!
Nocturne - Saul Pincus (Toronto, Canada)
An eerily beautiful feature film about an insomniac who falls in love with a sleepwalker. Unfolding like a deliberately-paced urban fairy tale, Nocturne casts a spell on audiences, who have called it a "magical," "visually stunning” “work of art.” 2014; 117 min. Winner Best Feature! With an introduction and Q+A session with Director Saul Pincus! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers)!

Location Voorhees Hall #105
$10=General; $9=Students + Seniors; $8=Rutgers Film Co-op/NJMAC Friends.