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Thursday, November 02, 2017
  • 01:15pm  Dimona Twist (New Jersey Premiere)    ::  Rutgers Jewish Film Festival 2017

    New Jersey PremiereDimona Twist (Israel, 2016, documentary, 71 minutes)Hebrew with English subtitles • Director: Michal Aviad This moving documentary focuses on the lives of seven women from North Africa and Poland ... read more about  Dimona Twist (New Jersey Premiere)

  • 04:00pm  The Testament (New Jersey Premiere)    ::  Rutgers Jewish Film Festival 2017

    New Jersey PremiereThe Testament (Israel and Austria, 2017, drama, 88 minutes)English, German, and Hebrew with English subtitles •Director: Amichai Greenberg Yoel Halberstam, a historian leading a legal battle against Holocaust deniers ... read more about  The Testament (New Jersey Premiere)

  • 07:30pm  The Cakemaker (Northeast Premiere)    ::  Rutgers Jewish Film Festival 2017

    Northeast PremiereThe Cakemaker (Germany and Israel, 2017, drama, 104 minutes)English, Hebrew, and German with English subtitles •Director: Ofir Raul Graizer The Cakemaker is a sensitive portrayal of love and relationships. Thomas, ... read more about  The Cakemaker (Northeast Premiere)