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New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2015
Friday, October 16, 2015, 07:00pm
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Best of the 2015 New Jersey International Film Festival – Part 2
The Cat's Cradle
- David Spaltro (New York, New York)
Jim and Amy are a young couple attempting to conceive. As these attempts become all-consuming in their lives, stress and tension build between them. A romantic evening turns into a night of confessions and betrayal that will forever change their relationship. 2015; 15 min. Winner Best Short Film!
Keeper of the Past -Marco J. Riedl (Bochum, Germany)
In this supernatural thriller, a farmer named Finn van Hagen begins a new life with his wife and his children way out in the country. An old, idyllic the middle of his eyes, this a perfect world. One day a stranger appears, out of the blue, and tries to draw out a well-kept secret from Finn’s daughter Verlanda: the whereabouts of a music box, in which Finn's past lies hidden. If Finn should ever open the music box, he might not only lose his family, but also the world as he knows it. In German, subtitled. 2014; 29 min. Winner Best Student Film!
When Things Go Wrong: Robin Lane’s Story - Tim Jackson (Somerville, Massachusetts)
When Things Go Wrong explores the life of Robin Lane, who has all but disappeared from rock history despite being one of the first women to front her own all-male rock band, which broke new ground in the late seventies. Her band was hailed as one of the top 10 new groups of 1979 by Rolling Stone magazine. . .until things began to go wrong.   Throughout the film, which weaves together interviews, concert footage, home movies, and 22 original songs, Lane speaks candidly about creativity, re-invention, success, and failure, and the five decades she has spent in the music business. 2015; 80 min. Winner Best Documentary Film!

Location Voorhees Hall #105
$10=General; $9=Students + Seniors; $8=Rutgers Film Co-op/NJMAC Friends.