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The Flowers of War - Zhang Yimou
Friday, October 14, 2016, 07:00pm
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A modern masterpiece from acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou, Flowers of War is both visually breathtaking and searing in its depiction of the horrors that unfolded in Nanking, China, in l937, when the city was invaded and occupied by the Japanese. An American, by the name of John Miller, seeks sanctuary in a Nanking cathedral, and becomes a witness to the appalling crimes against humanity that are unfolding outside, at the hands of Japanese Imperial forces. Trapped inside this sanctuary, alongside Miller, are frightened schoolgirls and women, and together they try to survive. Starring Christian Bale. In Cantonese, subtitled. 2011; 142 min. Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

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Location Voorhees Hall Room 105