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Sunday-June 4-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9
Sunday, June 04, 2017, 05:00pm
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First Bloom Tingting Liu (Nanjing, Jiang Su Province, China)

This lovely animated film tells the story of the budding friendship between a servant and a princess in ancient China.  2017; 5 min.

One Eightieth of Zhang Tianyi Shuhan Fan (Glendale, California)

When Zhang Tianyi, a 25-year-old graduate of the most prestigious law school in China, finds himself competing with 8 million other people for a new job in Beijing, he decides to make an outrageous career choice: he opens a small rice-noodle restaurant in his hometown in Hunan. Branding himself as a new “great leader” on social media, he soon attracts more than half a million followers.His unconventional success becomes a telling commentary on the struggles faced by China's millennial generation. In Chinese, subtitled. 2016; 19 min.

Strawman – Tian Xie (Alhambra, California)

This is the true story of one Chinese family living in a remote rural village. A family torn apart when a mother and father are forced to go to work in the city to make ends meet and leave their children behind. What follows is the struggle of the three children who are left to fend for themselves: in order to provide for his younger brother and sister, the eldest son decides to turn to a life of petty crime.  This is a true story about modern China: a place of newfound economic expansion that unflinchingly tramples over and forgets the detritus it leaves behind in its expanding wake.  In Chinese, subtitled. 2016; 74 min.
Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

Location Voorhees Hall