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New Jersey Film Festival Screening
Sunday, September 16, 2018, 07:00pm
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BPM - Greg Robbins (Weehawken, New Jersey)
A jogger searching for cheap thrills stumbles upon something more exhilarating. 2018; 4 min

Piano - Brendan Walsh (Tuckerton, New Jersey)
In this touching short film, a piano technician arrives at a house for a scheduled tuning at a fateful moment. 2018; 5 min.

Broken Lullaby - Bill McGarvey and Stella Rosen (Hoboken, New Jersey)
Musical notes come to life in this charming animated film. 2018; 3 min.

Icons - Ronnie Cramer (Denver, Colorado)
Experience 500 years of world art in five minutes! Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, rendered with a nylon-tip pen, this dazzling animated film also features a musical soundtrack created by the artist-director. 2018; 5 min. 

Divert Lea - Michael Obiazi (Brooklyn, New York)
A family with special powers is on the verge of being captured by an evil organization. What is the best way to survive--to run? Or to stay and fight? 2018; 9 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Michael Obiazi! 

Onikuma - Alessia Cechet (Soquel, California)
Combining live action with stop motion, this short, animated film tells the story of two women who, after wandering in the snow, learn that demons can appear in different forms. 2018; 12 min. 

Hi-Five the Cactus - Christopher Allan Thomas (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
The inhabitants of a small desert town suffer a devastating drought. Their only hope lies with an old cactus lovingly named Hi-Five.  Can Hi-Five’s selfless sacrifice keep this dusty town alive? 2018; 12 min. 

My Tourette's - Alessandro Molatore (Mexico City, Mexico) 
This compassionate documentary follows five individuals struggling with the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome: ticks, jerks, and painful, uncontrollable bodily and verbal disruptions. For Isabella, Nick, Alex, Carysa, and Marc, Tourette’s has presented a life of isolation and prejudice, depriving them of their dreams and aspirations. Yet, hope is not lost. Researchers believe they might have a solution for Tourette’s, that will allow these young people to discover that they are more than what they know themselves to be.  2018; 75 min. Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Office of Disability Services and the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Location Voorhees Hall #105
$12; $10; $9