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New Jersey Film Festival Screening
Friday, October 05, 2018, 07:00pm
To Sunday, October 07, 2018
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Let Mercy Come - Andrew Serban (New York, New York)
A young woman is forced to take a stand when her white supremacist cohorts attempt to commit a hate crime against a Syrian refugee. In the process, she learns the meaning of tolerance and acceptance.  2018; 23 min. 

PATIRI in the promised land - Page Cooper Anderson and Dana Marissa Schoenfeld (New York, New York)
A young immigrant from Zimbabwe befriends a bookstore owner, in hopes of forming an alliance that could help her remain in her country of choice. 2018; 25 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Page Cooper Anderson! 

JFK The Last Speech - Bestor Cram (Boston, Massachussetts)
JFK The Last Speech movingly documents the bond between President John F. Kennedy and the poet Robert Frost—as well as a surprising encounter with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev at the height of the Cold War. Born out of these events was the last, remarkable speech that Kennedy gave, a speech about poetry and power, which altered the lives of a group of Amherst College classmates, who witnessed Kennedy deliver the speech on their campus. 2018; 58 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Bestor Cram! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department and the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Location Voorhees Hall #105
$12; $10; $9