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The Last Suit (Argentina/Spain, 2017, drama 86 minutes)
Thursday, November 08, 2018, 07:30pm
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Abraham Bursztein has built a successful life in Argentina, but at 88, finds his place in the world diminished. When his daughters arrange his move into a retirement home, he plots a secret, one-way road trip, refusing to fade quietly away. This charming film accompanies Abraham on his bittersweet journey back in time and halfway around the world, where he plans to keep a promise to the Christian friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II.

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116 Cameras (USA, 2017, 16 minutes)

English • Director: Davina Pardo

A Holocaust survivor's story is preserved so that she will be able to tell it forever - through an interactive hologram.

Location AMC
Speaker: Dr. Natasha Zaretsky, Rutgers-Newark and New York University Spanish, German, Polish, and Yiddish with English subtitles • Director: Pablo Solarz