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October, 2016
  • Body and Soul    ::  Paul Robeson Film Festival

    Body and Soul (USA, 1925; by the pioneering African American director Oscar Micheaux). In his debut feature film performance, Robeson plays two characters, the phony "preacher" Isaiah Jenkins and his ... read more about  Body and Soul

  • The Emperor Jones    ::  Paul Robeson Film Festival

    The Emperor Jones (USA, 1933; directed by Dudley Murphy; based on the 1920 play by Eugene O'Neill). Robeson reprises his stage role, playing Brutus Jones, a Pullman porter who kills ... read more about  The Emperor Jones

  • Jericho    ::  Paul Robeson Film Festival

    Jericho (a.k.a. Dark Sands; UK, 1937; directed by Thornton Freeland). Robeson's title character is a medical student who is drafted to serve on a warship in WWI. He is court-martialed ... read more about  Jericho

  • The Proud Valley    ::  Paul Robeson Film Festival

    The Proud Valley (UK, 1940; directed by Pen Tennyson). Robeson's character, David Goliath, is an American sailor who settles in Wales, where he works as a coal miner, joins a ... read more about  The Proud Valley