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Leslie Fishbein is Associate Professor of American Studies, and one of the founding faculty members of the Cinema Studies Program at Rutgers. She has been a member of the Columbia Seminar on Film and Interdisciplinary Expression and has served on the Editorial Board of Film & History. She has presented papers on film and history at the annual conventions of the Organization of American Historians, the American Historical Association, the American Studies Association, and the National Women’s Studies Association and lectured on film throughout Israel during her 1986-1987 tenure as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at the University of Haifa. Professor Fishbein has published in such scholarly journals as American Quarterly, New York History, Film Historia, Prospects: An Annual Journal of American Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Film & History, Labor History, The Journal of Popular Film and Television, and American Studies. She is at work on a book entitled Memoirs of the Sex Trade: A Cultural History of Prostitution that examines both the filmic image of prostitutes and their own efforts at self-representation in documentary form.